Read the rules before doing anything else.

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Read the rules before doing anything else.

Post  ***Pokemas493 on Sun Dec 13, 2009 4:31 pm

Welcome to my fourms. I hope you enjoy the stay here. Just so things don't go out of mess, I made rules. FOLLOW THEM OR ELSE. My fourm is rated PG

(Some rules vary between categories)

Rule #1 No Cursing EX/

If milk was a bad word, DON'T say it. And absoutely NO censor-bypassing. Such as M!LK.

Punishment: If word was censored there is no punishment. However if it wasen't, you get a 1 hour ban

Rule #2 No Advertising EX/

Don't talk about your site here like go to Websites in Signatures are fine but no shock site like a monster yells at you when you click the link.

Punishment: 20-30 minute ban

Rule #3 No Exessive Capitalization EX/


Punishment 10-20 minute ban

Rule #4 No double posting EX/

Person 1: cats are cute
Person 1: also I own one.

If you forget to add something, use the edit feature. Double posting in the Wifi category is ok

Punishment warning- 10 minute ban

Rule #5 Stay on topic EX/

Person 1: cats are good animals and easy to take care of. ( On topic)
Person 2: Anyone like soda? ( off topic)

Punishment - 15 minute ban

Rule#6 No Flaming, Bashing, Pressuring, or Insulting other users or people!/ EX

Person 1: you are dumb
Person 1: come on, smoking doesn't hurt
If someone is doing that to you, we can figure out. But if it is a Private message, PM a mod or admin with the URL so we can deal with the person

Punishment-1 day ban to 1 year ban

Rule#7 No posting, linking to, or promoting offensive, inappropriate, or illegal activities! EX/

You know what it means

Punishment-1 month ban to permenent ban!

Rule#8 No Spamming, Flooding, or Disruptive Posting EX/

person 1: I
person 1:am
person 1:the
person 1:champion!

Rule#9 Topics lock after 500 posts and no reviveing topics over 2 weeks old

Punishment- For the first one none but for the second one topic lock

Rule#10 No huge avatar or signiture.

Punishment: loss of ability to use sig or avatar

Rule#11 Don't give out any personal information! EX/

Person 1: my phone number is 123-4567
Person 2:My real name is Chuck Norris

Punishment: None, you are responsible

That is all. The rules may seem a bit harsh to you but it only makes the fourms safer.
Have fun in the fourms Very Happy
GOD! (admin,creator of the fourms)
GOD! (admin,creator of the fourms)

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